• buildings-made-from-waste-plastic

    Buildings made from waste plastic

    Milan Design week & Furniture show proving that Storm Board can replace conventional materials

  • storm-board-recycled-panels

    Storm Board - Recycled Panels

    Everything plywood wants to be ... recyclable ... weather proof ... colourful

    Storm Board are at the cutting edge of recycling, turning so called "unrecyclable plastics" into products



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  • anywhere-wet-storm-board-wins

    Anywhere wet - Storm Board wins

    For long lasting, hygenic, easy clean surfaces

  • wet-areas

    Wet Areas

    A tough board for use in wet areas: flooding, raised beds, compost bins, lawn edging, animal welfare

Recycled Plastic Board made in the UK

Storm Board LLP is the board manufacturing relative of Protomax Plastics Ltd.
Protomax are the world leaders when it comes to plastic board manufacturing technology.
They developed the machines for the whole P2 recycled board making process: www.protomax.net

If you have known us for a while, you will recognize some of the faces at Storm Board from their days at Protomax. An integral part of the manufacturing process is the know-how they have built up over the years of installing machines and making panels. Still, some of the guys could not wait any longer for a manufacturing plant in the UK, so they decided to build one themselves, and make the most of their skills and pool of knowledge. We are still based near Bath, where Protomax continue their R&D and mad scientist bit, which will bring us many exciting new products in the future! Our board production is now in Hull.

Our focus at Storm Board is turning waste plastic into a weather proof and recyclable alternative to plywood.

Welcome to the family!